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According to an USA Today newspress article survivors of the Nazi occupation of Budapest will each get a compensation payment of $2,900.

The Jewish organization who claimed this says they reached an agreement with Germany. From which I understand that the people of Germany who have nothing to do with the Holocaust will pay the price – $19 million, meaning 12.31 million Euro.


The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany says it has reached an agreement with the German government to distribute as much as $19 million to about 6,500 Holocaust survivors who are still living in Eastern Europe and who have not received payments so far.
Tuesday’s statement from the Claims Conference says that Jews who were persecuted in Budapest between March 1944 and January 1945 and meet other requirements are eligible for compensation.

The deadline for applying for the payment is Aug. 9, 2009. Around 550,000 Hungarian Jews and 50,000 Gypsies were killed in the Holocaust.

Not that I just don’t agree with Germany paying for the Holocaust, but what if United States would pay for all the wars started? In this case, they should pay to German people for all the bombs dropped on the territory of Germany. The same goes for Russia and so on. Where’s the logic of this Conference of Jewish Material… whatever their name is? Why don’t we all just first see what we’ve done and then start throwing rocks. Isn’t this one of the Christian ways of thinking?

And by the way, these Jewish people, honorable men, haven’t they noticed how much funds went from Germany to the Eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria etc.) How would they call that? FREE HELP, perhaps? All the countries of European Union have sent funds for the newly integrated countries, and Germany gave up a lot of the funds allocated for its people, so the countries in Eastern Europe can join in. I’m from Romania, and I respect that, and I’m so glad that Romanian Government never asked for such things. We had our Jews here, and Gypsies, Hungarians… nobody ever asked for payments because of the war.

One more thing, Germany and its people have nothing to pay to this organisation, they didn’t kill Jews and Gypsies, they didn’t fought that war. Collateral damages and lives lost in the war are not to be paid back, perhaps a help, yes, but that help was offered back tenfold and even more. Again, I’m not against Jews or any other nationality, but this is totally unfair and it’s impossible to understand. Probably in about three years, some more Jews will suddenly remember that they had some problems with a German soldier who took their chicken from the backyard and leaving just 10 Deutsche Mark in exchange of the chicken; and will go to Hague to ask for an additional 12 EUR, because the chicken was a fat one and used to make big eggs. Or perhaps we should start asking for payment because in the Ice Age a German kicked your son’s butt, or Attila the Hun broke the bones of your neighbor.

Please, people, let’s look to the future, leave the history as it is, every nation has its bad and good history. Focus on what’s coming up next in our European Union, let’s be friends and work together, smile to anybody, help your neighbors, offer information, be anyone’s guide in your country, show him the beauties of it, entertain them, answer his question about your history, and tell it as it is. He will do the same when you visit his country. This is how we become a UNION, not by getting the dead out from the underground.


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  1. The Holocaust was not about stealing chickens…
    When Germany started paying for the Holocaust the countries in Eastern Europe were out of reach because of the Iron Curtain. This process just started in the early ’90s and is still going on. Contributing to the EU funds to help Eastern Europe is something different than compensation for the Holocaust. In a fact there have been many people in Eastern Europe that helped carrying out the Holocaust and anti-semitism is still very much alive in Eastern Europe, look for example at the neo-fascist Magyar Garda in Hungary.

    Receiving $2,900 after 60 years is not much, however the fact that there is some compensation is of symbolic importance. 12 million euro is just peanuts for the German economy.

    In the Netherlands they are now discussing compensation to Surinam because of the slave trade. A total amount of 3 billion euros is already mentioned! Slave trade is more than 150 years ago so any financial compensation for the fith generation makes no sense (to me). However some of the Holocaust survivors are still alive. And also in the slave trade case it is the symbolic gesture that counts. Regarding the situation in Eastern Europe I think that some honest introspection could help to move into the future.

  2. I know what exactly Holocaust was, the idea with chickens is just a way of emphasizing what this kind of people are ready to do just to get some funds.

    Dear Carlos, even if 12 million EUR is peanuts for Germany, as a citizen, I wouldn’t agree to pay any money to someone I had nothing to do. The same for Netherlands: I’ve never traded slaves, is like I was born guilty for trading slaves and my Government has to pay for it taking out some of the finances I produce.

    You say that contributing to the EU funds to help Eastern Europe is something different than compensation for the Holocaust. Allow me to strongly disagree with you, as long as Hungary is part of Europe and they are accepting funds from the EU I would say that they should not ask for such compensations since now everything is totally changed and we’re allies and we should just see what’s next, and stop looking back.

    What, now the Hungarian Jews and Gypsies are not European citizens and they can ask for compensations? While the other citizens work hard they’ve found a nice niche in the European law and saw how much Germany paid also to Poland, and why not them asking for the same thing? Right? It’s easy, let’s gather around, be an organization and make some money? I can do that, too.

    Yes, they suffered terrible things in the past, but, as a German citizen, it’s not my problem to pay for that. I’ve recently been to Germany and talked to a lot of friends about the matter of immigration and this Nazi issue. They are not so keen on funding the Turkish immigrants, and the same for Germany apologizing to Israel and other countries and keep on paying these little compensation to any organization declaring themselves as victims of the Holocaust. Germany apologized too many times already and I think it’s the time for us all to thank Germany for the help, yes, thank to Netherlands, your country, thank to France, Belgium, Spain, and so on, its’ time to be friends I say.

    As for the different neo-fascist organizations and parties, those are nothing, they just scare them, I don’t recall people getting killed or having serious problems because of them. We have two such organizations in Romania and the Jews here are safe, nothing happened to them. Perhaps in Hungary, but I tell you, that Magyar Garda set churches on fire, which were not synagogues, were Christian ones, but about this subject, perhaps in a next article.

    Either against or pro this compensations that a lot of countries started on asking for, I see it as a fund raising, nothing that will help, and since this compensation is too small, why asking of it, as a symbol of what: reconciliation? I may be too raw in my ideas, but again, I wouldn’t pay a penny for this symbolic compensation.

  3. Could you please eleborate on this statement:
    “now the Hungarian Jews and Gypsies are not European citizens and they can ask for compensations?”. Why are Roma and Sinti (Gypsies is not such a nice word) not European?

    Recognizing the past builds a solid future, paying compensation (even in a symblic way) is such recognition.

  4. Yes, I can elaborate, the idea was in this way: Aren’t they also European citizens? Don’t they get enough compensations?

    No, Gypsies is a good word as long as they call themselves this way, why can’t we?

    “Recognizing the past builds a solid future”, nicely said and I couldn’t agree more with you, dear friend. But I can I ask for how long? Till the end of the World? That’s what I don’t agree with: for how long would they keep on asking compensations and all kinds of specific laws? Again, I have nothing against them, but what’s enough, it’s enough, everything has a limit.

  5. The point of this issue is that the Eastern European victims of the Holocaust never received compensation. Paying to rebuild/reform the economies and infrastructure of Eastern Europe is something different than compensating individual victims. Maybe in twenty years, Eastern European victims of the Soviet Union are going to seek compensation in Moswcow for their prosecution under the communist regimes? I would fully understand such compensation claims.

    Here in the Netherlands we don’t call Roma and Sinti ‘gypsies’ anymore, they themselves either. I guess the process of recognizing the rights and cultural heritage of these people is still on a different level than in Eastern Europe right now.

    From my own experience I know that the jewish history in the Western-Ukraine is almost completely ignored. An acquaintance of me also visted Ukraine this summer, when she was in Lemberg: the former capital of the jewish region Galicia currently known as Lviv, she asked the Ukrainian-Dutch tourguide why there wasn’t any reference made to the jewish past of the city? She reacted agitated: “You Western people are always interested in those jews!! Why is that?!”. The same sense of agitation I seem to hear from your reactions, but I hope I am wrong.

  6. I see myself in the position of saying again: what’s enough is enough.

    Communism is a doctrine generally accepted as an idea, and like any idea, some embrace it, some do not; and even if I’m against communism, I cannot prohibit to other people not to vote for a communist party, it’s their choice and not my business. We can’t compare the communism with the Holocaust, maybe on just one matter: both have/had political militia and disrespect human rights.

    Oh, no, dear friend, I’m not interested in Jews in any way. I just read that article on “USA Today” and remained a bit shocked that again, more organizations feel like asking for money, even though… nevermind, I’m sure you understood.

    My preoccupations are far from “monitoring” Jews and other nations *smiles* I’m just a web designer and this is the only personal blog I have, so I just expressed myself here, especially that I know the blogs on Blogactiv are not read by ordinary people, and you proved me that once more, and for that I want to deeply thank you for subscribing to comments and have this conversation with me here. It’s honorable and pleasant. Thank you!

    Always friendly,

  7. Marci, as I’m reading your comment I understand you can’t read. The idea is simple: not all generations have to pay for the ancestors.
    First you go get your pills before speaking of education. I haven’t said somebody else started WWII, which makes you quite stupid for not reading carefully.
    Never post a comment here, unless you brush up your language. You how the guides at Louvre call people like you?
    What you don’t understand is not nonsense, it could also mean you’re too stupid to comprehend simple sentences.
    If you’re so keen on history and have nothing to hide, why did you filled in with fake email address? Yes, I know, because you have education and the sense of responsibility of your own words. Sure, go find your catharsis, Marci!

    PS. I gave you an example of education lack: I edited your filthy comment.

  8. Read carefully: actual generations are not responsible for any damage done in the past. If you believe they are responsible for Hitler’s politics and ideas, then why don’t you do something about it. German people don’t have to pay for everything just because some gypsies have nothing to steal.

    Yes, Germany started the WWII any idiot knows that, including you. But the general idea is the nowadays generations are not responsible for that damage. Shall I draw you that?

    Speaking of education, I imagine how educated you are since your language doesn’t include polite formulas of addressing. Keep posting your frustrations here.

    Have a lovely day!

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