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Hello everybody!

As A Romanian I couldn’t be more irritated by the latest ideas in the EU: Romanians are considered gipsies.

Let me encompass that a bit.

1. The name of Romania (România) comes from the Romanian Român, which is a derivative of the Latin adjective Romanus (Roman). The name of Romania has nothing to do with RROM, or gipsies. Yes, I will keep call them gipsies to get rid of this confusion.

2. Gipsies are everywhere in the world, more or less. If they are in Romania in a larger number, it’s because they were accepted in the community. That doesn’t makes us, Romanians, racists, from the contrary, we don’t have any significant factions or groups stating “We hate gipsies”.

3. Most of the Romanians are in Romania, working and paying the taxes, confronting with idiotic problems and trying to make a good living. Not all Romanians go abroad and steal, kill, rape and so on. More than 80% of them are making an honest penny by working for low wages and support all kinds of illegal rules created by their managers. The rest of them who are committing crimes are to be sent to jail, indeed.

4. I was abroad in at least eight of the EU countries and more than 70% of the people never believed me I’m from Romania till I showed some ID. Why is that? Because of this growing idea in their heads that Romanians must live in tents and they make a living from pocket-picking. No, that’s not true.

5. Minorities in Romania are welcome, the Government even over-exaggerated by giving extra-rights to the minorities, you can’t find those rights in any other EU country. Drop me a line and I will tell you which ones since this is not the subject of my article.

6. Recently the EU leaders gathered to find a solution for the gipsies’ problem. What is to be done? Nothing much. The problem is at EU scale indeed, but without a proper law in each country nothing can be done; it’s just my two cents on this matter.

7. If you ever visit Romania, get back to this article and ask me for any advices.

[to be continued]

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